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He mea whakatū a Para Kore i te tau 2010, ko te hononga whakapapa ki a Papatūānuku tōna mātāpono matua.

Established in 2010, Para Kore is a Māori, not-for-profit organisation with a kaupapa based on whakapapa to Papatūānuku.

Current Vacancies

There are no vacancies at this time. 

Innovative education within the framework of kaupapa and tikanga māori

Para Kore empowers and supports marae and organisations across Aotearoa to reduce waste through the delivery of innovative education and support within the frameworks of kaupapa and tikanga Māori.

Our Vision

Pae Tawhiti

Oranga Taiao, Oranga Marae, Oranga Whānau

Para Kore embraces the tikanga of caring for Ranginui and Papatūānuku. Sending waste to landfills or holes, burning rubbish and littering is a waste of valuable resources, pollutes our environment and is harmful to us all.

Closed Loop Living

Para Kore is working towards embedding zero waste, closed loop living within marae and Māori communities across Aotearoa–putting everything in the same black rubbish bag, burning or burying waste out the back is no longer acceptable.

Collective Action

We support indigenous values of kaitiakitanga, whilst recognising the systematic oppression of Māori and the dominant paradigm. Our focus is collective action, rather than individual.