Para Kore

What We Do

Restoring balance
with our taiao

We provide education that supports groups, whānau and communities to design out and reduce their waste throughout Aotearoa.

We work to normalise living without waste – closed loop living, building a circular economy, increasing biodiversity, supporting climate justice and action, and regenerating ecosystems. 

Oranga Taiao

Oranga Taiao is our te ao Māori based waste education programme, created within the framework of kaupapa and tikanga Māori and delivered in te reo Māori as appropriate. 

Para Kore Kaiārahi (Environmental Facilitators) are based around Aotearoa and work to deliver our zero waste education. The object of Oranga Taiao is to encourage zero-waste, circular systems to be the norm again versus single-use, linear, throwaway systems. 

We deliver this education through wānanga. We have a range of wānanga which are all based on restoring balance with our taiao and creating new practices with our whakapapa and atua Māori in mind. 

We have online and in-person wānanga which can be attended.

Oranga Taiao
The Para Kore Programme

We work with marae, kura, kōhanga reo, whare karakia, wāhi mahi, events and more to work torwards our vision of Oranga Taiao, Oranga Marae, Oranga Whānau and zero waste. Find out more about Oranga Taiao here.

Our Impact

Para Kore works with whānau, rōpū, marae and communities to reduce waste. With the support of our programme many have set up systems which aim to reuse, reduce and divert waste from landfill. Here are some figures to show our impact to date:

Rōpū signed up

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