Para Kore

The Para Kore Programme

Oranga Taiao

Para Kore delivers a te ao Māori based, zero waste education programme called Oranga Taiao. This programme aims to design out waste and strengthen connection to Papatūānuku and Ranginui.

How does it work?

The Oranga Taiao programme includes presentations, wānanga, practical workshops, online learning, mentoring, facilitated support, physical resources, our time, communications and pānui.

We work with marae, kura, kōhanga reo, whare karakia, wāhi mahi, events and more.

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Programme Steps

The first step is a presentation about the Para Kore kaupapa to learn more about the kaupapa and what’s required if you decide to join the programme.

Signing Up
Signing up is the next step.

First Visit
The first site visit involves  a tour of your site including looking at and discussing the waste systems at your place. This visit also involves recording how much rubbish you are throwing away on average each week.

Waste Check
A waste check is undertaken, by laying out a tarpaulin, tipping out your waste, and sorting it into categories. This helps us learn and discuss how we can best support and where to start.

Waste System Setup
Armed with information  from your waste check results, we help the set up of waste reduction systems.  We can provide a range of physical resources and equipment such as recycling crates, compost bins and signage.

We deliver two core wānanga,

  1. Ngā Rawa Māori – Natural Resources and
  2. Te Pūnaha Hoko Mea – The System of Stuff

We also deliver a wide range of wānanga based on what is relevant to your whānau to build your understanding and growth in this kaupapa. These can be in person or online.

Click here to view the full list of wānanga within the programme.

With support from your kaiārahi, we help you create para kore policies to ensure that the new systems and changes are integrated into your everyday normal way of operating.

Waste Tracker
Four times a year you will share what your average weekly amount of rubbish is.

Annual Evaluation + Ongoing Support
We regularly check in with you on your progress and offer on-going support. We also provide regular pānui with tips and success stories to keep you motivated towards zero waste.

Future Waste Checks
We can provide waste checks each year.  Waste checks help monitor progress, any slippage and help to decide what next steps to take.

Click here to register your details and find out how you can bring Oranga Taiao to your place.