If you are dealing with the waste on a marae, kura, kōhanga reo, community or non-profit organisation and are keen to reduce your own waste, these resources are available to you for free. Just double click on the image and then download.

For all other organisations please note that the resources below are the intellectual property of Para Kore Marae Incorporated and unauthorised commercial use in any manner is prohibited. If you are being contracted or paid to deliver waste minimisation services and would
like to use these resources please contact us. Iwi are our preferred partner and license to use these materials is typically restricted to iwi partnering with us in the delivery of Para Kore. 

Para Kore Information Booklets
Recycling Symbols
How to Recycle Signs
Para Kore Logo
Inspirational Posters
Event Recycling Signs
Sample  Policies
Packaging and Plastic Alternatives
Food Waste
Aluminium and Steel (tin) Cans
Worm Composting
Recycling Bins
Recycling, Rubbish-free and Zero Waste Websites
Backyard Burning
Workshop Card Game Templates
Home Cleaners
Para Kore Annual Reports

Para Kore Information Booklets

Marae Para Kore Information
Kura Para Kore Information
Papakupu Para Kore - Zero Waste Glossary

Recycling Symbols

RONZ Recycling Symbols
Bilingual te reo Māori English Recycling Symbols

Signs: How to Recycle 

HTR13 Sorting our Waste 1 JPG Te Reo Sorting our Waste standard colours 1 jpg recycle general
recyc cardboard recyc plastic recyc glass
recyc cans plastics 12 recyc plastic incl bags
washsquash sign E hika ma Please Whanua wash squash 9 June 1 JPG save
HTR12 Haria Atu 3 1

Para Kore Logo

Para Kore Logo


Long small labels for different waste items, in te reo and english, that you can use on containers or on top of the kauta bench: Labels Sheet 1, Labels Sheet 2, Labels Sheet 3, Labels Sheet 4, Labels Sheet 5

Posters: Inspirational

POS01 Dont Trash Papatuanuku jpeg POS02 Dont Trash Papatuanuku jpeg POS05 Responsibility Poster jpeg
brochure POS04 Reduce Reuse Recycle Compost jpeg

POS03 Reduce Reuse Recycle Compost jpeg


POS07 Reduce Reuse Recycle Compost Bilingual 1 POS06 Te Reo Reduce Reuse Recycle Compost 1

Signs: Event Recycling 

EVE01 You are entering 1 1 new EVE02 DO THE RIGHT THING WHAIA TE TIKA jpg  EVE03 This is a zero waste jpg
EVE07 WHAIA TE TIKA jpg EVE08 Te Reo Whaia te tika 1  
Bilingual Co mingled Recycling jpg Hangarua Tohu Hui 1 jpg Compost Event Sign 3 1 jpg
Waste Event Sign 4 1 jpg Para Tohu Hui 1 1 jpg EVE06 Biligual Wairakau compost 3 1

Zero Waste Events

Sample Marae Policies

sample marae waste minimisation policy
sample venue hire agreement
sample marae purchasing policies
guidelines for catering 

Packaging and Plastic Alternatives

Reducing your Plastic Footprint - Getting Started
Toothbrushes, Cotton Buds and Clothes Pegs
Friendlypak website

Food Waste

Love Food Hate Waste
Love Food Hate Waste - Resources 

Organic recovery 23 July 1 jpg


Reducing your Plastic Footprint
Plastic Free Tuesday
What is plastic, why is it bad and 2 things you can do about plastic pollution
My Plastic Free Life
Bag It Movie 
A Plastic Ocean
The Smog of the Sea
Plastic Is Killing our Oceans

Aluminium and Steel (tin) Cans

Steel and Aluminium Can Recycling
The Life Cycle of a Steel Can
Recycle Your Steel Cans Brochure


Learn how to compost
Para Kore: Recycled Pallet Compost Bins
Para Kore Video: How to make a recycled pallet compost bin

  paper towel sign

 Worm Composting

Worms R Us
Hungry Bins
Para Kore: paper towels

  what worms like what worms dont like

worm farm sign


bokashi poster

Recycling Bins

Disbin: Sanitary Disposal Bins
Recycling Bin Suppliers

Recycling, Rubbish-free and Zero Waste Websites

Want to be rubbish free?
A great NZ general recycling website:
Tips for a Zero-Waste Kitchen
The Cycle Chapter 1
The Cycle Chapter 2
The Rubbish Trip
Be Eco - Guide to Zero Waste
Nappy Freedom

Backyard Burning 

Dangerous Health Effects of Home Burning of Plastics and Waste
Para Kore: Please no burning of rubbish  

BURN04 No Burning Plasticno burning poster 2

 BURN05 No Burning Plastic

BURN03 No Burning Plastic BURN02 No Burning Plastic 1
BURN06 Backyard Disposal JPG


Workshop Card Game Templates

 Natural Resources and Materials

Natural Resources jpeg r Materials 30 May 1 jpg2

Home Cleaners 

Really easy and cool recipes for home cleaners etc: Download here or here.

Para Kore Annual Report

Para Kore Annual Report 2014 - 2015

Para Kore Annual Report 2015 - 2016

Para Kore Annual Report 2016 - 2017

Para Kore Annual Report 2017 - 2018

Para Kore Annual Report 2018 - 2019

Para Kore Annual Report 2019 - 2020