Why Zero Waste?

The earth’s resources are finite. Everything that we use and have comes from Ranginui, Papatūānuku and their children. Plastic is made from oil, steel from iron ore, glass from silica sand, aluminium from bauxite and cardboard and paper from trees. There is a point at which we will use everything up if we continue living we do now.

Instead, let's imagine a world where every product is created in a way that regenerates our environment and is designed to last or to be re-used, repaired or re-cycled. Imagine a world with no landfills, where all waste from one process is a resource for another process. A world with healthy soils, diversity of species, healthy ecosystems, cultural food gathering practices, clean rivers that you can drink from, safe food grown locally, plenty of resources and people enjoying happy lives.

You can start today through gardening, reducing, sharing, helping, borrowing, repairing, reusing, recycling, composting, learning, listening, rethinking, respecting, reflecting, re-gifting, renewing, consuming consciously, up-cycling, worm-farming, and we’re here to help you!