Our Story

June 2008: Te Tīmatanga

Gannin Ormsby and Susa Kupa from Waikato Regional Council invited Eric Pene from the Tribal Development Unit of Waikato Raupatu Lands Trust, Marianna Tyler (GreenUp Ltd),  to a meeting to discuss waste minimisation and resource recovery on marae in the Waikato region. From this meeting a scoping report was created to explore options for how a pilot programme might be developed.

November 2008: Te Huihuinga

A consultation hui was held to bring together key experts in environmental education, resource recovery and tribal and marae development. These people included Jacqui Forbes (Xtreme Waste) and Pine Campbell (Tioro Education Tools) who agreed to take part in the development and implementation of this project and to be part of the ‘Marae Recycling’ Steering Group if required.

December 2008: Xtreme Waste

Xtreme Waste was asked by Waikato Regional Council to put in a funding application to the Sustainable Management Fund (SMF) for a pilot marae recycling programme. This was agreed to, and the application was successful, making Xtreme Waste the project coordinator of Para Kore. 

June 2009: Sustainable Management Fund (SMF)

The Para Kore programme began with SMF funding. A pilot programme was then run on three marae, Poihakena, a semi-rural marae in Whāingaroa (Raglan), Tūrangawaewae, a national marae in Ngāruawāhia and Kirikiriroa Marae the largest urban marae in Hamilton.

October 2009: Para Kore Launch

The Para Kore launch was held is held at Poihakena Marae on 10 October, 2009 and the project was blessed by local kaumatua. Waikato Regional Council staff, Xtreme Waste staff, supporters and locals attend the launch. 

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November 2010: Para Kore is Incorporated

Para Kore Marae Incorporated was registered with the Companies Office in November 2010, leaving the umbrella of Xtreme Waste. The Sustainable Management Fund contract was then transferred from Xtreme Waste to Para Kore Marae Inc. Para Kore is established as an independent organization specializing in providing waste minimization services to Māori, enabling Para Kore to identify as a Māori organisation, “by Māori, for Māori”.

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2011: Waste Minimisation Fund (WMF)

The Waste Minimisation Fund (WMF), administered by the Ministry for the Environment, opened for the first time in 2011. The WMF is funded through the waste disposal levy that was introduced under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008. Fifty per cent of the money collected from the levy is distributed to territorial authorities to spend in accordance with their Waste Management and Minimisation Plans. The remainder (minus administration costs) is part of the WMF a contestable fund open to industry, business and community organisations.  

The purpose of the Act is to is to encourage waste minimisation and a decrease in waste disposal in order to— (a)  protect the environment from harm, and (b)  provide environmental, social, economic, and cultural benefits. An annual contestable funding round is run for the WMF, in which the Ministry calls for applications for funding. Funding from the WMF is awarded by the Minister for the Environment to selected projects following assessment of the applications by an assessment panel.

February 2011: Application to WMF for Waikato, Hauraki and Raukawa

In February 2011, Para Kore applied to the Waste Minimisation Fund to implement the Para Kore programme in Waikato, Hauraki and Raukawa.

October 2011: Deed signed for Para Kore ki Waikato, ki Hauraki, ki Raukawa 

The application was successful and the Deed was signed for WMF 190, Para Kore ki Waikato, ki Hauraki, ki Raukawa on 26th October 2011. The external project partners to this project included Waikato Tainui Te Kauhanganui Incorporated, Raukawa Charitable Trust, Hauraki Māori Trust Board (in year one) and Trust Waikato. Para Kore attended each Koroneihana and some Regatta. Pine Campbell is the waste advisor for this project. This project also works with Maniapoto marae.

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December 2011: Para Kore's First Annual Hui

Para Kore’s first annual hui was held at Poihakena Marae in Whāingaroa, Raglan. The hui involved trips to Xtreme Waste, Solscape and Kaiwhenua Organics. Over 35 people attended representing marae and iwi. 

June 2012: Application to WMF for Taranaki me te Tau Ihu

Para Kore applied to the Waste Minimisation Fund again to implement the Para Kore programme into Taranaki and Te Tau Ihu (top of the South Island) marae. The application was put in as a result of Donna Leatherby and Makere Edwards from Taranaki repeatedly requesting the programme. Donna invited Jacqui to Parihaka and the application was discussed there. Karen Driver, from Nelson Environment Centre also persisted in requesting the programme and an application was put in for both Taranaki and Te Tau Ihu which have strong whakapapa links.

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January 2013: Deed signed for Para Kore ki Taranaki me te Tau Ihu

The forementioned application was successful and the Deed was signed for WMF 642, Para Kore ki Taranaki me Te Tau Ihu o te Waka a Māui in January 2013. The external project partners to this project include New Plymouth District Council, Stratford District Council, South Taranaki District Council, Tasman District Council, Nelson City Council, and from 2014 Paranihinihi ki Waitotara. Taranaki Regional Council also provides in-kind support to the project including a representative on the Board Sam Tamarapa. Rachel and Jason Ruakere were appointed as Para Kore waste advisors for Taranaki and Mel McColgan for Te Tau Ihu.

February 2013: Tāmaki Connection

Jacqui Forbes, Para Kore Project Manager, met with representatives from Ngāti Whatua, Richelle Kahui-McConnell and Charmaine Wiapo, to discuss Para Kore. It was agreed that the Para Kore programme and resources will be shared with Ngāti Whātua. Auckland Council funds Ngāti Whatua to deliver the Para Kore programme to marae within Auckland.

March 2013: Para Kore's Second Annual Hui

Para Kore’s second annual hui was held at Poihakena Marae with representatives from Te Hiku o te Ika, Taranaki, Waikato, Maniapoto, Raukawa, Cawthron Institute and Te Tau Ihu.

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Dec 2013: New Board Members

In December 2013 at Para Kore Marae Incorporated’s AGM Pine Campbell and Carol Henry resigned from the board, and new members Sam Tamarapa (Taranaki Regional Council), Naomi Simmonds (Pikitu Marae, Raukawa), Victor Hape (Ngāti Pukeko, Whakatāne) and Richelle Kahui-McConnell (Ngāti Whātua, Auckland) join the board.

March 2014: New Chair for Para Kore

Naomi Simmonds, from Pikitu Marae, was appointed Chair of Para Kore Marae Incorporated in March 2014.

May 2014: Para Kore's Third Annual Hui

Para Kore’s third annual hui was held at Pikitu Marae, Raukawa. Representatives from Ngāi Tūhoe (Ruatahuna), Tauranga Moana, Whakatāne and Waikato attend.

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August 2014: WMF ki Waikato, ki Hauraki, ki Raukawa ends, He Piko, He Para Kore begins

Our first Waste Minimisation Fund project Para Kore ki Waikato, ki Hauraki, ki Raukawa ends but continues under the title, “He Piko, He Para Kore”. The programme continues in these rohe and in Maniapoto due to the combined generous funding of Trust Waikato, Waikato Tainui Te Kauhanganui Incorporated, Raukawa Charitable Trust and Wel Energy.

April 2014: Para Kore ki Te Moana a Toi

The deed is signed and we appointed a Waste Advisor for Tauranga Moana, Kylie Willison.

January 2015: Deed signed for Para Kore ki Te Hiku o Te Ika

The deed is signed and we appointed a Waste Advisor for Te Hiku, Jaroz Popata.

April 2015: Board Resignation

Richelle Kahui-McConnell (Ngāti Whātua, Auckland) resigned from the board.

November 2015: Para Kore National Hui

 Our National Hui was held at Umupuia Marae. The hui involved trips to Orakei Marae, Papatūānuku Kokiri Marae. We had representatives from Te Hiku o te Ika, Taranaki, Waikato, Te Tau Ihu, Ngāti Kahungunu, Tāmaki, Mataatua and Ruatahuna. 

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December 2015: AGM 

In December 2015 at Para Kore Marae Incorporated’s AGM Sam Tamarapa (Taranaki Regional Council) resigned from the board, and new members Tina Ngata, Honiana Love, Rawinia Leatherby, Tania Wells and Bronwyn Hunt join the board.

January 2016: Para Kore ki Ruapehu

We appointed Amoa Crossan as our new Waste Advisor for Ruapehu.

February 2016: Xtreme Zero Waste and Para Kore in Schools

Xtreme Zero Waste and Para Kore join together to pilot X-Man (aka Paul Murray) delivering Para Kore in Schools. The programme is popular with 15 schools signing up - and the target was 8! X-Man commented at the end of the year, "Para Kore in Schools has transformed my ZWE teaching, taken what I have been doing in waste education to new levels, involves more people at school, impacts principals, teachers, staff, brings te Ao Māori and the kaupapa of whakapapa to Papatūānuku into waste minimisation education.  And, its an effective, measurable, reportable, action taking, behaviour changing, inspiring framework to provide to schools. (And, they're keen for it!)  And, I haven't seen a better model yet."

August 2016: Para Kore wins Energy Globe Award

We were very proud to be the recipient of the Energy Globe.

October 2016: Para Kore Hui ā-Tau ki Parihaka

This year our Hui ā-Tau was held at Te Paepae o Te Raukura (Takitūtū Marae) in Parihaka. This was our biggest hui so far. We had representatives from all over Aotearoa. We also had our AGM during the Hui ā-Tau while we were all together.

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December 2016: Deed signed for Para Kore Ma Pango, Ma Whero

Mā Pango, Mā Whero is our new regions which are Kahungunu (Hawke's Bay), Te Tairāwhiti (East Coast), Turanganui-a-Kiwa (Gisborne), Te Upoko o Te Ika (Wellington), Te Arawa (Rotorua). We appointed Tyne Nelson for Kahungunu, Pine Campbell is now in Te Tairāwhiti, Pania Ruakere for Gisborne, Te Kawa Robb for Te Upoko o Te Ika and Davina Playle-Thompson for Te Arawa. 

June 2017: Para Kore a Green Ribbon Awards Finalist

We were a finalist in the 2017 Green Ribbon Award, alongside Te Rūnanga-a-Iwi o Ngāti Kahu.

GreenRibbon 2017 Finalist

July 2017: 200!

200 marae, kōhanga, kura and community groups across Aotearoa have implemented the Para Kore programme - wow! It all started with three marae in 2009. What an amazing hīkoi. 


October 2017: Para Kore Hui ā-Tau ki Kawhia

Approximately 100 people attended our hui ā-tau in Kawhia, with a large representation from Tāmaki - Papatūānuku Kōkiri Marae, Ōrākei Marae and others. MfE staff attended as well. We also had our AGM during the Hui ā-Tau while we were all together. 


 April 2018: Deed signed for Para Kore Te Pae Tata

We have two new regions which are Tūwharetoa and Manawatū/Whanganui. We have appointed two new Kaiārahi. We appointed Raewyn Rāmeka for Tūwharetoa and Aroha Beckham in Manawatū/Whanganui.

November 2018: Hui ā-Tau ki Ōrongomai 

This year our Hui ā-Tau was held at Ōrongomai marae in Upper Hutt. 

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July 2019: Deed signed for Whakamaua Kia Tina

We have four new regions which are Wairoa, Wairarapa, Maniapoto and Te Tai Tokerau - home to approximately 200 marae. We have appointed four Kaiārahi in these rohe: Grace Ormond in Wairoa, Sam Te Tau in Wairarapa, Reopiki Te Huia in Maniapoto and Hollie Russell in Te Tai Tokerau.

August 2019: Minister Sage's announcement of funding

The Associate Environment Minister Eugenie Sage was in Whangairoa (Raglan) on the 30 August 2019 to formally announce a grant of $528,000 from the Waste Minimisation Fund administered by the Ministry for the Environment to help marae-based Para Kore programme to expand to four new regions Wairarapa, Wairoa, Maniapoto and Te Tai Tokerau. The Minister was hosted by Tainui Awhiro and Poihakena Marae and the event was also supported by Para Kore and Xtreme Zero Waste.

November 2019: Jacqui Forbes a finalist in the 'Sustainability Superstar Awards'.

July 2020: Partnered with 'The Good Registry'

The Good Registry is a social enterprise: a business, with a social-good purpose at our heart. They exist to simplify giving and do good. That goodness is two-fold: as well as helping good causes, they're helping to reduce waste. All donations to The Good Registry are handled by their registered charitable trust (CC54846). The Good Registry Trust receives donations and then pays forward donations to chosen charities, like us (Para Kore).